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Guidance Notes

Teams and Organisations should have a single budget and headcount spanning Change and Run, forecast out into the future, with the ability to flex these within agreed delegated limits as required.

This Budget & Headcount should:

  1. Be agreed in the short to medium term, and then candidate or indicative beyond this.
  2. Be broken down into Change and Run (CapEx and OpEx for Budgets), and then by major change initiative (plus Innovation and small change / continuous improvement) for Change and by each sub-Organisation or Team for Run.
  3. Track where Budget and Headcount has come from and how it’s being used or allocated.
  4. Support the ability for the Team or Organisation to flex it’s Budget & Headcount across major change initiatives (for Change) or sub-Organisations or Teams (for Run) within a set of agreed delegated limits.

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Further Notes

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Further Reading

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