Agile Budgeting


Budgeting based on funding products, services or value streams in shorter rolling cycles

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This feels like a good intro summary - The 5 Principles Behind Effective Agile Budgeting - BIP Consulting (

One view, which is heavily biased to align to their wider Framework is the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) pages on Lean Budgeting

For ease their is also a simplified blog on the topic available on the CPrime blog too

Not quite Agile Budgeting, but a budgeting practice that is aligned to Agile principles, and developed a few years before the Agile Manifesto was written is Beyond Budgeting.

It drives at top down improvement, rather than bottom up; so it may be a good starting point for most Government Organisations

Slightly off-topic, but part of the Agile Budgeting process is Agile Procurement. The leading authority of Agile Procurement is the Lean-Agile Procurement Alliance.

They have useful free resources on their website and links to their training academy too.