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Guidance Notes

Teams and Organisations should have a clear set of enduring measures (KPIs) that are used to measure their performance and success.

These measures should:

  1. Be used by the Team or Organisation and its stakeholders as the primary measures of success for the Team or Organisation.
  2. Be primarily based on the value delivered to the Team’s or Organisation’s customers over the cost to do so.
  3. Be a small and focused set of measures to ensure clarity of what’s important.
  4. Account for both money and headcount when looking at costs.
  5. Include revenue (and therefore profit) for commercial Organisations, noting that this is a trailing indicator to Customer Value which should maintain primacy.
  6. Be enduring – they are tied to the Purpose of the Organisation and not to its Objectives.
  7. Be aligned to and support the Measures of Success of any parent Organisation

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Further Reading

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