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Guidance Notes

Teams and Organisations should have a robust process for ensuring that their Objectives are delivered within the required time, cost, and quality envelope.

This process should:

  1. Ensure all Major Change Initiatives have clear Outcome Measures that are used post-delivery to measure the impact the Major Change Initiative has had.
  2. Ensure all Major Change Initiatives have clear Leading Indicators that are used during delivery to ensure that delivery has not gone off track.
  3. Ensure that all delivery work is regularly prioritised based on the remaining value and effort / budget, and that this informs the roadmap and short-term planning.
  4. Ensure that all delivery is done is close collaborate with customers to gather feedback and help shape the solution.
  5. Ensure that all delivery is done incrementally, with feedback (and prioritisation) used to drive the planning for the new increment.
  6. Ensure all delivery meets appropriate levels of quality and compliance.
  7. Ensure that risks and issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

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