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For Government Departments, then the UK Government Service Manual is a great starting point to the importance and value of Agile Roadmaps

I love the example of roadmaps which comes from Henrick Kniburgs product ownerships video.
He really captures how you can also use different types of charts to communicate when stuff will be done or as a tool to negotiate scope, effort, team size.

I have personally been burnt with plans in agile teams and found too many people see them as written in blood and will try and turn them into gannt charts.
What has really worked for me is using ‘Now, Next, Later’ and having conversations around objectives and horizons.

This blog is great for summarising a few different techniques.

This is a cool game to show people the value of planning:


I think roadmaps are useful, but with all tools people need to know how best to use them and communicate value from them.
For me making sure everyone understands the value and power behind each artifact is key, then agreeing how and when you will use them (and update them) otherwise a roadmap can become a promise and/or shelfware.

Scaled Agile have a good article on roadmaps. While some is specific to SAFe, it’s a great example of having different roadmaps for different purposes, but all describe a how in pursuit of a separately defined what.