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lovely article from GDS on emergent Culture

why not play a game of blaming to experience the culture we do not want to have?

One that I really like and think people in a lot of organisations struggle with in terms of building the right culture is communication. I found the Agile Communications Handbook by Giles Turnbull really helpful and easy to understand. It’s also talks a lot about transparency as a key part of the culture

another cool post by GDS on managing in teams and building the right culture

I find culture a funny word, everyone has a perception of what good or bad culture looks like.
You can create a mindmap from each and get people to start defining what the culture within the organisation or team is.
This could be done as a 1-2-4-ALL liberating structure to create a shared culture.

BUT my favourite thing is to start with a massive negative and use TRIZ Liberating Structure with a mega negative question like ‘What would a terrible culture here at company X look like’, then follow through the rest of TRIZ.

If Teaming is problem, then Petrick Lencioni’s book - the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team is a seminal read. It’s a fantastic resource that is used as playbook for high-performing sports teams, as much as it is for corporate Learning and Development Departments and small teams that are striving for better performance.

If you want to delve into the science of Teaming and high-performance then why not start with the input from a US Top Gun fighter-jet pilot. Brian ‘ponch’ Rivera’s input into The Flow System Playbook, brings to life the science into practical advice and if you prefer your podcasts then listen to his No Way Out podcast all available through his website too

If your understand the importance of Psychological Safety within high-performing cultures, then you will already know Amy C Edmonson. However, if you’ve not read any of her books, seen her TED talks or are wanting to know more about Psychological Safety, then starting with Amy’s website - or her company will be your best foundational introduction to this topic.

Those that recognise the importance of putting people before technology in developing an organisation’s culture, are likely to have already come across Duena Blomstrom and her book entitled People Before Tech

Her website links out to her blogs, speaker notes and a whole raft of great resources to help develop people-first cultures.