Welcome to Yokoten!

Welcome to the the anti-framework. This is a site for people trying to improve their organisations or places of work from within. A community for sharing knowledge or good practice, and for testing ideas.

These pages are not intended to tell you what to do, rather you can find out here what you need to consider, and information to help decide on the right practice for you. It’s a place to collaborate, share ideas, get help and be inspired that is independent of any particular framework or approach.

You’re one of the first to join, so you get to help create this community! You’ll find lots of helpful resources, and hopefully a lot of discussion on using and improving these to make a difference in the real world.

You might want to start by exploring the Index - a category containing curated lists of resources on a wide range of topics.

Or the Reviews, for reviews and discussion on books, videos, blogs etc.

There’s also a category for Site Feedback, and the General category for subjects that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

A slightly different category is Clear Star Thinking, which the Clear Star team use for open sourcing all their thinking and products. Feel free to make use of anything here, and you’re positively encouraged to contribute feedback and discussion in this category.

And if none of that suits you, feel free to create what you need, or ask one of the mods to!