The Flow System (TFS)


From The Flow System book (linked below)

The Flow System™ provides a re-imagined system for organizations to understand complexity, embrace teamwork, and autonomous team-based leadership structures.

Developed by John R Turner, Nigel Thurlow and Brian Rivera (with input from Dave Snowden)

Canonical Resources

The introductory book - The Flow System: The Evolution of Agile and Lean Thinking in an Age of Complexity eBook : Turner, John, Thurlow, Nigel, Rivera, Brian: Books

The Flow Guide reference material. Available online and as a PDF (, as a book (The Flow System Guide eBook : Turner, John, Thurlow, Nigel, Rivera, Brian: Books) and as a YouTube video (The Flow System Guide - YouTube

Key Principles & Attributes book - The Flow System: Key Principles and Attributes eBook : Turner, John, Thurlow, Nigel: Books

Training -

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