Scrum Framework


From the Scrum Guide:

Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.

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Facilitation Tips

  • Scrum PLoP - A library of curated Scrum patterns, that provide a lot of useful information on the ‘how’ that is left to the reader in the Scrum Guide.

Training & Certification

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If anyone is working with or within a Scrum Team, then this little book, is ideal to keep on your desk - or even your pocket, it’s Gunther Verheven’s Scrum - A Pocket Guide

A small book packed with personal insight and advice, puting humans at the centre of Scrum. It’s continued to be updated, such is the demand for the no-nonsense content.

If you prefer to learn through visual means, then each of the primary certification authorities have their own Youtube Channels too. These are all packed with useful topics and regularly have new content uploaded.

As does Mike Cohn and aforementioned Mountain Goat Software Team

Linked to the book Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum, already in the headline post, are Mike Cohn’s free resources on scrum on the Mountain Goat Software website.

Easily a competitor to that available from Scrum Alliance or, and not half-hidden behind paywalls!

No summary of scrum resources is complete without the OG from 1986: Harvard Business Review - The New New Product Development Game

It holds up really well to this day, and the devil in me wonders how many Scrum ‘experts’ have ever read it!

Another worthwhile read, and one of the books I have numerous page markers in is the The Scrum Fieldbook by JJ Sutherland.

Some great practical advice developed through its own backlog within each chapter.