Decentralised Decision Making


In Decentralised Decision Making, authority for decision making is distributed around a wide group and not held by a central authority. Decisions are typically made closer to where the information or knowledge is held.

Curated Resources


Scaled Agile make it one of their principles: Principle #9 - Decentralize Decision-Making - Scaled Agile Framework

It’s a central theme for the Corporate Rebels, with some good approaches detailed in their book - particularly the Advice Process.

Known as Mission Command, the concept is baked into British Defence Doctrine, and describes how the UK Armed Forces operate - described here in the cornerstone document for British Defence Doctrine, the enthrallingly titled JDP0-01 - look for page 18

The Authority Model is a good answer to the question of how you actually implement decentralised decision making.

Training and certification

Intent Based Leadership International offer online courses - they’re a good start point for content, but light on facilitated learning and interaction: IBL Online Learning - Intent-Based Leadership International


David Marquet (from Intent Based Leadership International) offers an approach in Turn the Ship Around, summarised in this video

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